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About us

We specialize in high quality custom tailored suits. Considering legitimate world-class fabrics to ensure quality and service, and always maintain highest quality. We are an ISO 9001:2000 certified company.

Having doing this since 1975, Mr. B.K. Shrestha and team have been catering to over a million clients worldwide with four outlets in the commercial areas of Kathmandu.

Mr. B.K. Shrestha

Our Founder during his youth.

Shrestha Tailoring - Bagbazar

Glimpse of our Bagbazar outlet during 80's.

Mr. B.K. Shrestha and His Wife

Rare picture of our founder with his wife on Bagbazar Outlet during 80's.

Shrestha Tailoring - Bagbazar

Bagbazar outlet during late 80's.

Shrestha Tailoring - Bagbazar

Bagbazar during early 90's.

Mr. B.K. Shrestha with His Wife

A classic picture of our founder with his wife.

Mr. Shrestha with an employee

Picture of our founder with one of the oldest employee.

Shrestha Tailoring - Bagbazar

Our Outlet on 2005


  • Aradhana Complex
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  • United World Trade Center
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  • B.K. Shrestha Bhawan
  • +977 4414288


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Our 5 exclusive showrooms open daily from 10 am to 8 pm.
We close on Saturdays during off-seasons.